About us

We are a boutique financial advisory firm based in Switzerland. Our approach is centred on the combination of our extensive knowledge with the flexibility offered by our small size and lack of bureaucratic constraints, in order to offer tailored advice to our client. The underlying philosophy is therefore focussed on pragmatism: we don’t aim at selling standard products, but at offering solutions and solving problems.

Whether you are interested in improving the return of your investments, in mitigating financial risk, in turnaround and restructuring solutions, for us you are first and foremost an individual client with specific and unique aims and needs. No two issues are the same and as such no two solutions can be the same – with us you can rest assured that you will have a partner who will walk the extra mile to understand and solve your own unique issues.

Moreover, thanks to our flexible structure, no client will be too small for us, yet, thanks to our experience and our international network of partner advisors, no challenge will be too big either.

Our core business is centred on financial advisory, a sector in which we offer an extensive range of services and solutions. However, due to our unique background, we also developed a number of niche industry specialisms, such as real estate development and management; automotive advisory and financial restructuring. Please call us, or follow the relevant links to discover more about our core business and specialisms.