Financial difficulties are part of a business life-cycle, solving them is our expertise: we aim to maximise stakeholder value by focussing on turnaround solutions


We have developed an extensive experience focussing on turnaround solutions for businesses experiencing financial difficulties. In this field we focus on advising all stakeholders to maximise the value of their investments, exploiting our expertise in complex and highly leveraged businesses in time critical situations.

A typical project in this sense would normally begin with an independent business review, basically a financial healthcheck of a business aiming at assessing the business’ viability and identifying the various options available for maximising value for the stakeholders, from turnaround strategies to asset realisations.

These reviews are normally very flexible in their approach, and, depending on their scope and aims, may then develop into more complex financial restructuring projects, where the aim is not only to assess the issues faced by a business but to implement solutions, ensuring that businesses can build their turnaround strategies on a stable and viable financial structure

Overall, typical assignments would include the following:

  • Stabilisation and crisis management
  • Establishing cash needs and controls
  • Developing restructuring proposals
  • Implementing balance sheet reconstructions
  • Inter-creditor negotiations
  • Assistance with the implementation of the project